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Services and Procedures

Unlike most outpatient surgery centers, Seaside Surgery Center was conceived and subsequently designed specifically with outpatient joint replacement surgery in mind, the highlight service of our establishment…but this is not the only service that we provide. All of our surgeons excel in their specialties, the majority of which are in the musculoskeletal anatomic areas, such as hip, knee, shoulder, spine and foot/ankle. Most experienced surgeons take advantage of minimally invasive techniques which minimize tissue dissection and detachment to perform the procedure.  It is well known that minimizing the surgical approach results in less pain and a quicker recover to more traditional techniques.

In joint replacement and spine surgery, minimally invasive techniques can be a game changer…and when combined with current pain management protocols, what was once only possible in a hospital setting requiring several days to weeks of recovery…..can now be done as outpatient surgery.   The experience and skill of our surgeons and anesthesiologists allows Seaside Surgery Center to provide these once hospital bound procedures…joint replacement and spine surgery…to be done safely, efficiently and confidently as outpatient surgical procedures in younger, healthier patients.  We pride ourselves on setting the bar of success very high… and this is the future of medical care!

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Patient heading home just hours after Total Hip Replacement surgery at Seaside Surgery Center