Financial Assistance

Please review the Financial Assistance Policy, below.  You may also download a copy of the Financial Assistance Policy.



PURPOSE: To inform patients and prospective patients of the surgery center’s policies regarding financial assistance, application process, payment plans, discounts, charity care, and collections procedures.

POLICY: Patients may contact Seaside Surgery Center directly to determine whether they qualify for financial assistance.

Seaside Surgery Center Phone: 239-592-4955

PROCEDURE:  If a patient has health insurance/coverage that may cover some or all of the services provided, the surgery center may initiate contact with the third-party organization to determine patient cost-sharing responsibilities. The patient may contact his or her insurance company directly for additional information concerning cost-sharing responsibilities. If the surgery center determines the patient has cost-sharing responsibilities for the surgery center’s bill, the patient will be required to pay cost-sharing responsibilities in full on or before services are provided.

If the patient is unable to pay cost-sharing responsibilities in full on or before services are provided because the patient qualifies as medically indigent, or is not covered by health insurance, upon request, the surgery center, in its sole discretion, may offer financial assistance in the form of a discount on the amount due and/or offer a payment plan. The patient must contact the surgery center at least five (5) days before the date of service to confirm this procedure applies to them.

If a balance is due from the patient/patient guarantor after services are rendered, Seaside Surgery Center’s standard collection procedure is to produce and send one or more bills to patients for their cost-sharing amounts, which, if not paid on a timely basis, may then be placed with an attorney or collection agency to pursue such unpaid amounts.  If accounts are placed with an attorney and/or collection agency, the costs charged by the attorney and/or collection agency will be passed onto the patient to pay, and the patient’s credit score may be negatively impacted

Patient Complaints or Grievances

To report a complaint or grievance, you can contact the facility Administrator by phone at 239-592-4955 or by mail at:
Seaside Surgery Center
1879 Veterans Park Dr. Suite 1101
Naples, FL 34109