Feel Confident and Comfortable

An informed patient is his or her own best advocate. We want you to feel confident and comfortable about your upcoming surgery.

Insurance & Billing

During your pre-operative phone call, we will inform you of any patient responsibility for your surgery. This amount is due prior to or on the day of your surgery. Please remember to bring a form of payment with you. We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards.

After surgery, Seaside Surgery Center will submit your bill to your insurance company. You will receive a separate bill from your doctor, anesthesiologist and/or pathologist.

Seaside Surgery Center accepts all forms of United States, Canadian, and other foreign government insurance. Seaside Surgery Center also accepts Medicare, CHAMPUS, Workers Compensation, and ALL forms of Commercial Insurance plans with out-of-network benefits


A patient receiving treatment at our surgery center under insurance with which our facility is out-of-network may be eligible to receive an adjustment to their assigned out-of-network patient liability, assuming our facility is not prohibited from offering out-of-network adjustments under state/Federal laws or your insurance company’s provisions. If not prohibited, the application of any out-of-network discount is subject to vary based on a patient’s benefit coverage. Accounts which become delinquent may have the adjustment disallowed.

Agency for Health Care Administration Pricing Website

The Agency for Health Care Administration maintains an interactive, searchable pricing website to provide data on health care costs for national, state, and county prices.

Please do not hesitate to contact our business office at 239.592.4955 with any concerns or questions regarding your coinsurance and/or payment options. You may wish to review our Financial Assistance Policy.