It’s one thing for us to toot our own horn…but another thing entirely to hear the positive reactions of our patients who are happy with their successful outpatient total joint replacement surgery in our beautiful Naples surgery center!

Thank you for making my surgery a pleasant and stressless experience! We both appreciated everything you did.

-Nancy Loubier

If your medical team was a sports team, you’d be my pick to win the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup, and the World Series. You guys are exceptional! The husband of your well-healed patient.

-Dan Loubier

I went in for arthroscopic shoulder surgery with Dr. Goldberg. I was extremely pleased with the entire procedure. Literally pain- and stress-free from start to finish! The staff was very attentive and friendly. Definitely recommend using them!

-Bill Clark

I am thrilled with the results from the anterior approach full hip replacement.  At 3-5 weeks I have returned to biking and am easing back into the tennis court.  One can have the utmost confidence in Dr. Zehr and the capable, friendly staff at the Seaside Surgery Center.

-Rich Whale

We were very impressed by the physicians and nursing staff who were most professional with wonderful attitudes toward their patients. It’s an excellent facility.

– John Wernette

Good morning to all. I had an appointment with Dr. Goldberg last week. I told him how wonderful I think your surgery center is. He asked me to let you know. So that is what I am doing.

I arrived at 6:30 on the day of surgery. Everyone was bright-eyed, so friendly, and boisterous! It made me very relaxed and glad I had chosen Dr. Goldberg. From the minute I arrived until the minute I left, I was very impressed with everyone who worked there. I couldn’t ask for better, friendlier service. So thank you very much for your wonderful service. BTW, I am doing really well. Still going to physical therapy and progressing better than expected!

Thank you all!! Keep up the good work!

– Carol Pribble

I can honestly say both times I visited, pre-op and my surgery, I was very pleased with my experience. Each nurse and doctor I was with was very nice, comforting, and informative to me. It is always hard to go through any experience of surgery but I feel Seaside Surgery Center did a very good job in helping me get through it. Thank you to all the staff!

– Gloria Defalco

Special appreciation to Vivian, Patti, Dave #1 and #2, and Renee. Best practices – all made a second visit to ask about my pain level. Continued monitoring a “best practice.” Thanks to all!

-Fred Spillman

Great attention and care from all of you at Seaside!! As a patient, you were all on your game, top-notch, and professional. You and Dr. Zehr made my experience a great one.

-Linda Alcorn

I could not believe how smoothly everything went. Extremely satisfied with Seaside, everyone was amazing and so friendly. I would definitely recommend you.

-Lisa Gigante

I was very impressed and can’t say enough good things about everyone there and the facility. I highly recommend Seaside to everyone.

-Nancy Payzant

Your staff is perfect, the place runs like clockwork. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I had the best doctors, top nurses, and the top facility. Thank you all.

-Anna Mangiaracina

The best service ever, a wonderful experience, from the front office to the nurses the attention was just great. I would definitely recommend Seaside Center to my family and friends. Thank you so much for caring.

-Lillian Zehe

From the front desk Audrey to Vivi — Bonnie – Kris — Patti — and David — everyone made it seem like you were in “Cheers” in Boston! Very friendly, professional, and caring.


I wanted to thank you for the wonderful care I received both pre- and post-op of my bunion surgery. Special shout out to Christine for her special care in providing me with ice chips and relaxing words! You all were the best!

-Barb Swartz

The staff at Seaside Surgery Center explained everything to me before rolling me into the OR. They answered all my questions. The staff were polite and upbeat and made it a very relaxing environment, given my hip replacement. When I am in need of my left hip being replaced, I will go only to Seaside Surgery Center.

-Passion Diverone

This is my second visit. The staff is super friendly and caring. Someone checked on me constantly, prior to surgery. You have created a positive and calming atmosphere. Dr. Goldberg is wonderful! This is the day he said I would be in pain. Not one ounce of pain!! I have recommended Seaside.

-Valerie Walters

I was completely pleased with all aspects of my surgery. That being: The surgery center itself was comfortable and calm, and the nursing staff and all the doctors were excellent. I was well taken care of. Everything prior to and after was explained to me in detail. I would highly recommend SSC.

-Carolyn Weinand

I want to thank everyone, the entire staff. The care was excellent! Very attentive, cordial, personable. I can’t say enough. Best experience for what I was going through. I would highly recommend Seaside. Thank you all again. If I could remember their names, I would personally thank them. Shout out to Renee and Bonnie for the unicorn song!

-Bethann Williamson

I had excellent care delivered by compassionate and highly skilled healthcare professionals. I would highly recommend Seaside as an outpatient surgery center. Thank you all for helping me!

-Monica Wurstle

The staff was friendly and professional. Each member introduced themselves and explained their role. I was made to feel comfortable which helped me relax. A very positive experience. A big thanks to all!

-George Zailer

The staff at Seaside was wonderful! Everyone was friendly, comforting, and reassuring. They explained the procedure. If I was to have another procedure, I would hope it could be done at Seaside. I highly recommend Seaside!

-Kristy Schwalbe

Thank you! How can so many nice people work in one place? Audrey, Bonita, Bonnie, the anesthesiologist and the nurse anesthetist were great! Thank you, Bonnie, for helping on FaceTime when I removed my bandage.

-Eileen Severs

The staff was excellent, great teamwork. My experience, even though facing surgery, felt very calm and confident that I would be taken care of. I had an excellent experience and I would highly recommend this surgery center.

-Joe Subin

I was very impressed with the way the staff treated me. They were knowledgeable and kind as they prepared me for surgery. I had no problems with my recovery and would recommend Seaside to others as an excellent surgery center. I received great care.

-Marilyn Thomack

Everyone – all the staff were the best! Thank you to all! Great care and compassion!

-Cheryl Tosti

Liz was amazing. I would have to say everyone was SUPER NICE. I was very comfortable with the care I was given and the facility.

-Donna Vanneste

The doctor was great. The office personnel were great. The nursing staff was great. I rate my experience 5 stars!  Thank you!

-George P. Cavallo, Jr.

My experience at Seaside Surgery Center was great. I have had a few procedures lately and I am nervous upon arrival. Seaside put me at ease. Explained everything. Very comforting. Abundance of staff going over everything every step of the way. Thank you all.

-Laura Hoadley

Fabulous center — feels like you’re going to a doctor’s appointment — takes the anxiety away. It was a breeze, with warm and friendly staff.

-Linda Kilo

The care I received at Seaside Surgery Center was excellent. The staff (doctors, nurses, front desk staff) couldn’t have been better. I have had many outpatient and inpatient surgeries — I rate this as the best!

-Michele  Naugler

Special thanks to Bonnie & Audrey. When my doctor’s office failed to get me on the surgery list, these two wonderful people got me squeezed in at the end of the day. Without being asked to do so or expressing doubt that it could be done, they just jumped right in. “Give us some time and we’ll call you right back.”

If the surgery hadn’t happened yesterday, it would have been 5 months until it could have been done. These ladies didn’t know that. They just took care of me because apparently, that’s their focus. When I got there, Bonnie came up front to acknowledge me. She wiggled “Come here” with her finger and told me she and Audrey were the ones who helped get me in. I thanked them both. Bonnie can wiggle her finger at me anytime. What good people.

I may have one more minor surgery in the future. I look forward to being taken care of at Seaside.

-Doug Randall

I do not see how the experience could have been better. This was the best-run, friendliest, most professional staff that I have encountered in my numerous surgical center and hospital visits.

-Thomas D. Ruane

Seaside is an excellent surgery center. The staff was absolutely amazing! Everyone took their time explaining to me what was going to happen. They were very professional and super caring, putting this very nervous patient at ease. I was never left alone and did not spend any time waiting. I had knee surgery performed by Dr. Steven Goldberg, who has a very calm and kind demeanor. The entire experience from check-in to discharge was pleasant. The facility is modern, top-notch, and immaculate. The waiting area was warm and inviting. This was so much better than any “hospital” experience I have ever had. I was very happy to have been treated in this facility.

-Kathryn Berman

Everyone involved with me was absolutely great. I was so nervous, but the nurses were so kind and calming. The anesthesiologists explained everything to reassure me and Dr. Guerra came in and after speaking to all involved, I knew I was in the best care! Thanks to all.

-Anne Brown

Everyone was extremely friendly and informative. I was very impressed with the facility. I felt very well cared for!

-Deana Josephson

Best care I have ever received at a surgery center. Everyone was kind and considerate. The team led by Dr. Biggs is by far the most professional and accurate that I have ever experienced.

-May Lindbloom

This experience was extremely positive from the initial office visit, through the surgery event and post-op follow-up. Dr. Biggs and his team of professionals showed genuine care and comfort at all times. Will highly recommend it!

-Kathryn McMullen

Everyone at your facility was caring, friendly, and professional!

– Henry Mollé

The entire staff at Seaside was wonderful! Very caring and professional. They took excellent care of me and made sure to keep me warm as I am always cold! Dr. Calcagni is awesome!

-Donna Schwinghammer

I was favorably impressed with every person I interfaced with. Everyone was extremely personable. It was the nicest medical experience I have ever had! I would highly recommend Seaside Surgery.

-Jo-Ann Sergeant

Could not have asked for better treatment, from reception to discharge. The patient care tech adjusted my crutches. She was super great!

-Voris Roberts

This was my first surgery, and I was very nervous. All the nurses and everyone else I encountered was amazing. Everyone was focused on my comfort, right down to the nurse who set up my IV. I barely felt it and had zero bruising afterward. I would recommend Seaside very highly. Take good care of the exceptional staff you have!

-Susan Hill