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Outpatient Total Joint Replacement News from Seaside

Something exciting in the world of outpatient total joint replacement is always happening at Seaside! Catch up on the news in past issues of our newsletter, and don’t forget to sign up for future issues!

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Test your knowledge about our stellar surgical team with a trivia quiz in our March issue.

It was a “super” Sunday as Arthrex faculty surgeon and Seaside Medical Director Dr. Brian Wallace was interviewed by local CBS affiliate WINK News for a story broadcast right after the game. Read about it in our February issue.

We start the year off with some good news for shoulder pain patients in our January issue.

A merry holiday photo and news about a new knee for the new year (say that fast three times!) await you in our December issue.

We celebrated our 8th business anniversary, shared some stats, and announced our new medical director in our November issue.

What are 9 things your podiatrist NEVER does and wishes you wouldn’t either? We tell you in our October issue.

Congratulations to our Co-Founder Robert J. Zehr, M.D. on being named Naples’ best orthopedist – for the third year in a row! Are you having hand pain? It may be a “Trigger Finger” problem. Learn more in our September issue.

Pre-season football has started — and so have the injuries! Read up on “Turf Toe” — an injury that may sideline players — in our August issue.

We had a little fun with the headlines in our July issue!

We saved our May news for our June issue, where we introduced you to ROSA, a robotic-assisted surgery system for total knee replacements. She’ll be here soon!

In our April 2023 issue, we give a little link love for our YouTubing surgeons. And we ask for a little love from you!

Dr. Wallace has been chosen as a 2023-2024 Social Media Ambassador for the AAOS. Get his social media handles in our March 2023 issue!

Ever heard the phrase “It’s all in the wrist?” When a fracture is all in the wrist, you want Seaside’s distinguished upper extremities surgeon. Learn more in our February 2023 issue.

So much to be proud of here at Seaside! Volunteers from our staff earn $5,000 for a local non-profit and six of our surgeons have been named “Top Doctors” for 2023 by Naples Illustrated. See who won in our January 2023 issue.

We rolled our 7th anniversary and our Christmas party into one big celebration and named it “Holibirthday.” See the pictures in our Holiday 2022 issue. We also celebrated the first total ankle joint replacement at Seaside!

As Southwest Florida rebuilds from Hurricane Ian, Seaside staff lend helping hands to local relief efforts. We feature a couple of them in our October 2022 newsletter.

Dr. Wallace made arthroscopic surgical history! We tell you all about it in our September 2022 issue.

In our August 2022 issue, we shared some tips on recovering from hip surgery.

Looking at a hot topic in our July 2022 issue — Regenerative Medicine.

It’s summer! If setting your tootsies free in sandals alerts you to an ingrown toenail, we tell you what to do about it in our May/June 2022 issue.

We look closely at, and inside, the shoulder in our April 2022 issue.

If the beautiful spring weather sends you to the nets, you may want to read the article on tennis elbow in our March 2022 newsletter.

We had very exciting news to report in our February 2022 issue!

Hello 2022! In our first issue of the year, we took a look at arthroscopy, and what you can do through it (pun intended).

In our December 2021 issue, we reviewed the top-ranking stories from the past 6 years — the newsletters that got the highest open rates. And we also asked for YOUR input going forward…

In our November 2021 issue we celebrated our sixth year in operation with a look back at our first outpatient total hip replacement, and a look forward to our campaign to reach Canadian residents who might wish to combine their “Snowbird” season with a rejuvenating joint surgery.

Our October 2021 issue was full of safety tips for Halloween.

What more can we say? Two of the three finalists in the orthopedist category of the Naples “Best of the Best” community choice awards were our co-founders. And one of them WON! Read the September 2021 issue to find out who!

We’re so excited! Congressman Byron Donalds will be visiting us this month! Find out when in our August 2021 issue.

One of our surgeons is going to win — we just KNOW it! And you can help by voting one of the them in the Naples “Best of the Best” community choice awards. We tell you how to vote in our Summer 2021 issue.

Our May 2021 issue was very “hand”-y, if you suffer from arthritis in your hands. Read it for several tips on “hand-ling” the pain, pun intended.

It can happen in any one of three ways, and any way it happens, it hurts! What are we talking about? Find out in our April 2021 newsletter.

Our surgeon-partners all have private practices, and they offer a sea of advice in their blogs, articles, and patient education libraries. We give you all the link love in our March 2021 issue!

We are so proud of our surgeon-partners! Read the February 2021 issue to see why!

Did you know that surgery at an ASC is safer and cheaper than in a hospital? We share some facts in our January 2021 newsletter.

It’s almost Christmas, and we have a feel-good story for you about one of our own Christmas angels, Dr. Jamie Weaver. Read about it in our December 2020 issue.

We tackle a not-so-humorous topic with the potential for injury to the “funny bone” from the “elbow bump” in our November 2020 issue.

Orthopedists see an increase in hand injuries about this time of year, thanks to the “vicious vegetable”! Learn some tips for safer pumpkin carving in our October 2020 issue.

In our September 2020 issue we gave you a peek into what your favorite surgeons and nurses do after hours!

We hadn’t mentioned knees in a year! So we covered the basics of knee arthroscopy in our August 2020 issue.

You might be surprised at how many famous people have had hip replacement surgery — we drop a few names in our July 2020 issue.

There are several things you can do to boost your recovery from surgery. We list them in our June 2020 issue.

Our May 2020 issue was all about putting your best foot forward – with services from our foot & ankle specialists!

Tired of singing a double chorus of the “Happy Birthday” song while you wash your hands? Read our April 2020 issue to see what we recommend instead…

In our February/March 2020 issue, we shared info about knee arthroplasty.

We shared the exciting news about Dr. Beebe’s successful outpatient SI joint surgeries in our January 2020 issue.

In our December 2019 issue we offer you some tips on how to make it through the holidays with minimal impact on your weight. Why? Because for every 10 pounds extra you carry, you exert a 50 pound stress on your joints…

Just in time for the holidays, we revisited a condition known as “Selfie Elbow” in our November 2019 issue.

We shared some exciting news in our October 2019 issue – Dr. H. Kurtis Biggs made Southwest Florida history with the area’s first OMNIBotic total knee replacement!

We talked about nailing down a diagnosis for Hammertoe in our September 2019 issue. And we offered Dr. Brian Wallace some hearty congratulations!

In August 2019 Dr. Brian Wallace performed a history-making shoulder surgery at Seaside. We share the details and a photo in the August 2019 issue.

In the July 2019 issue we gave you the numbers on knees, as well as some information on Partial Knee Replacement at Seaside.

Our June 2019 issue reminded readers that the anterior approach to hip replacement is the best approach.

It was all about shoulders in our May 2019 issue.

Dr. Carmella Fernandez, our hand and wrist expert, answered questions about wrist fractures in our April 2019 issue.

In our March 2019 issue we explain why our Seaside physician partners are good community partners.

We report on a trending injury — “Selfie Elbow” — in our February 2019 issue.

Nine – yes, NINE – of our surgeon partners were named as Naples Illustrated’s “Top Physicians 2019.” Find out who they are in our January 2019 issue.

Seaside Surgery Center has been held up as the ASC to emulate by Becker’s ASC Review! We tell you all about this honor in our November-December 2018 issue.

We welcomed pain management physician Dr. Paul Beebe to our physician-partner team in our October 2018 issue. We also gave you a link to a Men’s Health magazine article with some great advice for keeping your joints healthy, and it wasn’t for men only! ;-)

In our September 2018 issue we discuss dislocated shoulders and do a little bragging on our marketing efforts which were featured in the online magazine of the Association of periOperative Nurses.

We shared important news for parents in our August 2018 issue!

It was all about Fun in the Sun in our July 2018 issue.

The American Society for Surgery of the Hand offers tips for fireworks safety in our June 2018 issue.

New 3D bunion surgery is available at Seaside! Read about it in our May 2018 newsletter.

Do you know the difference between “tennis elbow” and radial tunnel syndrome? We explained it in our April 2018 newsletter.

Our surgeons continue to win honors as five of them won a trio of awards from Vitals. Read our March 2018 issue to learn which docs were named “Patients’ Choice,” “Compassionate,” and “On-Time” physicians.

Our surgeons are the tops! Two were named to Castle Connolly’s regional “Top Doctors” list, one was admitted to the ASES and another was recently certified by the ABLES. Want to know who (and what all those letters mean)? Read the February 2018 issue!

We started the year off with some exciting news, highlighting a new page on our website with all-inclusive orthopedic package pricing for four of our most popular procedures. We also introduced you to Dr. Evgeny Krynetskiy in our January 2018 issue.

Its almost like we saved the best for last! In our December 2017 issue we shared the story of legendary NFL special teams coach Mike Westhoff and how it was his new knee that enabled him to accept the invitation of the New Orleans Saints to finish out the season with them.

In our November 2017 issue we announced the acquisition of a very cool piece of equipment for a very hot procedure – radiofrequency ablation. Read all about it!

In our October 2017 issue we introduced our newest surgeon, Dr. Carmella Fernandez. She is an upper extremities surgeon, so we thought an article on cubital tunnel syndrome was appropriate!

Biceps tendon tears and repairs were the subject of our September 2017 newsletter.

Tempted to “pop” that dislocated shoulder back into place? In our August 2017 issue we tell you when you should…and shouldn’t!

Did you know that what you eat plays a major role in how you feel? That includes pain management! We give you some tips for eating to manage arthritis pain in out July 2017 issue.

Are you a tennis player? We’ve got some information on “Tennis Elbow” in our June 2017 issue.

We offered some great information on rotator cuff injuries in our May 2017 issue. Did you know that they are the most common source of shoulder pain in people over 40 years of age?

The April 2017 issue included links to a Naples Daily News article about our own Dr. Biggs and his involvement in the development of a revolutionary new hip implant!

In March 2017 we shared the exciting news about being featured in Outpatient Surgery Magazine!

The February 2017 issue took us back in time to Seaside’s Open House, and provided important information on Hammertoe from Seaside’s own Dr. Petrocelli.

We shared some exciting news about Seaside’s growth in our January 2017 newsletter, and gave you 3 strategies for relieving joint pain.

For 6 treatments to try before elbow surgery, read our December 2016 issue.

We celebrated our first anniversary in our November 2016 issue. We also shared some insight from Dr. Petrocelli on bunion surgery.

Exciting news in our October 2016 issue, as we shared how our own Dr. Goldberg invented and brought to market a new shoulder implant!

We showed off our new Arthrex Synergy UHD4™ imaging system in our September 2016 issue, and offered tips on how to protect your joints with proper warming up before exercise.

In our August 2016 issue we advised you on what to do when your joints heat up.

We got back to basics in our July 2016 issue with an explanation of arthroscopy. Oh! And we made the Today Show (sort of!)

Read about the first spinal surgery performed at Seaside in our June 2016 issue.

In our May 2016 issue we offered tips for the aging athlete.