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From professional awards, to innovative surgeries, to breakout business performance — Seaside makes waves

Seaside appoints new medical director; celebrates business anniversary with steady growth

NAPLES, Fla. (November 10, 2023) — Southwest Florida’s first facility designed to focus on same-day outpatient joint replacement surgical procedures celebrates its 8th anniversary this month, marking several years of steady growth. Shortly after opening its doors on November 11, 2015, the ambulatory surgery center (ASC) hosted the area’s first outpatient total hip replacement procedure. Since then, surgeons have conducted over 15,000 procedures at the center, including more than 2,500 total joint replacements.

With year-to-date case figures topping 2022’s by 3%, Seaside is poised to continue its growth trajectory. “Total shoulder replacements in ASCs have been approved by Medicare beginning January 1, 2024,” explains Seaside Administrator Cindy Schuetz, R.N. “So, we expect to see an increase in those.”

In fact, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) predicts that 51% of all total joint replacements will be conducted on an outpatient basis by 2026. 1 The AAOS cites four main medical advances that made outpatient joint replacement possible:

  • More effective anesthetics and pain control
  • More refined surgical techniques
  • Improved pre-operative safety and patient selection
  • More focused Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy within hours of surgery

Other procedures conducted at Seaside include arthroscopies; treatment of fractures; bunionectomies, hammer toe corrections and various other foot and ankle procedures; and multiple hand procedures such as carpel tunnel repair and trigger finger repair.  A team of more than 15 highly skilled and experienced nurses and administrators assists the surgeons.

New medical director

Dr. Brian Wallace

                Dr. Brian Wallace

A partner since its inception, Dr. Brian Wallace was recently named by the board as Seaside’s medical director. “I am honored to take over as medical director for Seaside Surgery Center. I feel we have the best surgeons, anesthesia, staff, and patients in Southwest Florida! I plan on continuing to put our patients first in terms of safety and experience as well as expanding the exposure of outpatient surgery as a fantastic patient option.