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Seaside orthopedic surgeon makes arthroscopic surgical history

NAPLES, Fla. (September 7, 2022) — Seaside physician-partner and orthopedic surgeon Brian Wallace, D.O., recently performed outpatient shoulder surgery at Seaside Surgery Center utilizing yet-to-be-released instrumentation from Arthrex, Inc. While the NanoScope™operative arthroscopy imaging system has been used previously in shoulder surgery, Dr. Wallace was the first surgeon to employ the 2.8 mm Nano Oval Burr in the recent procedure. Combined with another NanoResection™ device, the 2.8 mm Nano Sabre Shaver, Dr. Wallace was able to conduct the minimally invasive operation through a surgical incision of 3—4 mm, less than 1/8th of an inch. When transmitted to the surgery center’s Arthrex Synergy UHD4™ imaging system, the minute camera in the NanoScope™ provided the veteran shoulder surgeon with crystal clear, high resolution intraoperative images to guide the delicate undertaking.

The surgical procedure was a subacromial decompression and excision of the distal clavicle. In layman’s terms, Dr. Wallace deployed the single-use camera system and arthroscopic instruments to remove the outer end of the collarbone (clavicle) where it meets with the tip of the shoulder blade (scapula) in what is known as the acromioclavicular joint (AC joint). By then shaving away some of the under surface of the acromion (the top outer edge of the scapula) the surgeon can raise the roof of the shoulder, allowing for more room for the rotator cuff tendons to move underneath. The procedure is often used to treat shoulder impingement, a common condition that causes weakness in the shoulder when the arm is raised above the head.

“I see the NanoScope™ and the new instrumentation as the future of minimally invasive surgery and am happy to offer my patients the most cutting-edge technology,” said Wallace.



Dr. Wallace displays NanoReSection instruments used

Dr. Brian Wallace displays the NanoReSection instruments used in the surgery.

The surgery is performed through this tiny incision

The incision is less than 1/8th inch wide!

Dr. Wallace performing the surgery

During the surgery Dr. Wallace is guided by the Synergy UHD4 imaging system.

The Arthrex Synergy UHD4 imaging system

An enlarged view on the Synergy UHD4 imaging system.