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Knee injuries

knee injuries

Knee injuries are, unfortunately, common in today’s world. People are remaining active into their 60s, 70s and beyond. While their spirits may be soaring, their joints may be sore! A sudden turn on the dance floor, a game-winning kick that over-extended a leg, even kneeling in the garden − all are activities and movements that could result in a torn meniscus.

Pain is usually the only symptom of a torn meniscus. A detailed history of your pain will help your physician in his diagnosis. Is your pain on the inside or outside of your knee? Is there any swelling present? Can you straighten your knee? Does it “lock up,” catch, or pop when you walk? Does it feel wobbly or unstable? Has it “given out” on you? Imaging may be needed to determine the best course of action.

If the tear is small, conservative measures such as rest, ice, compression and elevation, in combination with over-the-counter pain relievers may suffice. Larger tears will most likely require surgery.  Knee arthroscopy at Seaside Surgery Center can repair a torn meniscus.

Knee injuries requiring surgery

If your pain came on gradually, you may be suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee. Known as “wear and tear arthritis,” this condition affects the cartilage in the joint intended to provide cushioning between bones. Without this slippery buffer, the bottom end of your thighbone rubs against the top end of your shinbone within the knee joint. We refer to this condition as “bone-on-bone.”

Some people think “bone-on-bone” means immediate knee replacement surgery. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Again, a conservative course of action is best undertaken first. Explore the results that corticosteroid shots could give you. Perhaps knee bracing will give you a measure of comfort. Some people report that adding glucosamine and chondroitin supplements to their daily routine helps. Maintaining a healthy weight and a regular exercise program are two of the best things you can do for your knee joints.

In short, keep your own joint for as long as you can. When you need surgery, ask about outpatient knee replacement at Seaside Surgery Center.