It’s one thing for us to toot our own horn…but another thing entirely to hear the positive reactions of our patients who are happy with their successful outpatient total joint replacement surgery in our beautiful Naples surgery center!

I was very pleased with my visit. Everyone was friendly, caring, professional and listened to what I had to say. I think Seaside Surgery Center is the best! Dr. Biggs is great too!

-Betty Conklin

Everyone was very helpful and caring! Thank you!

-Daniel Gliwski

This is an excellent place. Staff is wonderful and friendly.

-Lorilee Gilbert

Very good service!!! Best surgery I’ve had!

-Steven Engstrom

Seaside Surgery Center has the best staff, from the beginning to the end of surgery.

-Ramon Davila

I have no suggestions; the center was wonderful and very professional. Thank you for your help.

-Joseph Shady

The doctors and staff were extremely pleasant, efficient, and caring. I felt as though I was a princess surrounded by angels.

-Joan Huntl

 Great experience – even the donuts after surgery! Thx!

-Marshall Steele (Dr. Steele originated the concept of patient-centric care, which has revolutionized joint replacement)

Each staff member made my wife and I feel confident in the excellent care they provided. Everyone was very professional while also showing compassion, care and friendliness. Would definitely recommend Seaside Surgery Center and, of course, Dr. Zehr.

-Ed Stranberg

The nursing staff and anesthesiologist were amazing. I have never encountered better group of medical staff.

-Stacy Steeves

Visit was very nice. Everyone made me feel very comfortable and safe. Thank you all very much. I really liked your facility.

-Cherise Yuhasz

I am very impressed with all the staff. They were very professional, courteous, and made my stay as comfortable as possible. Thank you so much for taking care of me.

-Rhonda Hatten

Everyone was very nice and professional. Very pleased with the facility. Highly recommend.

-Randy Williams

Comparing your staff and services with New York, I am pleased to have my medical concerns addressed here – you’re A1!

-Norman Chesler

Thank you for the donut, but would you mind if I called in my order the night before surgery next time? Best experience ever!! I hated to leave.

-John Goetz

The staff is phenomenal! I can’t say enough good things about my experience at Seaside!

-Ryan Torchia

The care and staff were excellent! I would recommend Seaside to anyone, I had a great experience. Thank you!

-Shirley Hughes

The staff was excellent and so caring.

-Sherry Brose

The staff is very friendly and super responsive. They put you at ease and explain each procedure thoroughly. They make you feel like a family member!! Thanks!

-Susie Leith

Service performed was outstanding, starting from walking in the front door and out the exit. Staff, doctors, nurses provided superior service throughout, nothing has to change!

-Thomas McNally

Can’t say enough about the wonderful staff. They made me feel like I was their only patient and I received great care from everyone at Seaside Surgery Center. Also, the following day after surgery, I received a call to check on how I was doing (nice!).

-Karen Allen

I had three surgeries done at Seaside. My experience was excellent each time. Friendly, courteous staff, very attentive and professional. As a patient and physician, I highly recommend this facility.

-Dr. Richard Beatty

Of our nurses and staff, Fran McDonnell said, “They are all fantastic!”

The surgery center was phenomenal! The staff couldn’t have been more pleasant. They made me feel very comfortable about my surgery and recovery. Thank you to all my docs and nurses!

-Sandy Thoma

Regardless of the wait for my doctor (previous surgery ran over), the staff was excellent, making sure my husband and I were comfortable. The front office staff was super, and the nurses were the best! This being my 14th surgery, this was the best experience. Many thanks to such a great team!

-Cheryl Nobile

Phenomenal staff…they put me totally at ease. Highly skilled facility. Thank you for great care.

-Donna Ehman

The staff was awesome!!!!


Would highly recommend Seaside to a family member or friend. Superior service. Very caring.

-Billy Glen

All the surgical team members were first rate and very professional. They seemed an especially cohesive team that enjoyed working together. A very positive experience.

-James Kisrel

Staff and facility were excellent. Everything went smoothly. I would encourage everyone to consider Seaside Surgery for his or her needs. Significantly better than a hospital setting. I have had hospital surgery in a hospital before, so I feel I am in a position to offer and experienced opinion. Thank you Seaside.

-Bob Casey

I feel so fortunate to have had my total hip replacement surgery done at Seaside Surgery Center. The doctor, nurses, anesthesiologist and even Amy in the business office made me feel that my care was their utmost concern. It has been twelve weeks since my surgery and Dr. Biggs assured me that I could jog again after surgery and I am here to say I’m back to jogging my 3.5 miles a day, 6 days a week. Thank you for a wonderful experience in your facility and for my new hip.

-Steve Hildebrand via Facebook

We are very glad that Seaside Surgery was the facility that took care of my wife’s surgery, twice. Not only the facility is first and excellent quality; but also from the surgeon Jamie Weaver, to all the staff, right from the time you step in, you are welcome, and put at ease. The warm welcome and professionalism is present all of the time, the special personnel and nurses make you feel at home. The experience could not be any better, Seaside Surgery is an excellent choice, and Naples, Florida should be proud to have a first class surgery facility of this kind.

-Aida and Emilio Guillen

To the surgery center morning crew,

I just wanted to say thank you for taking such great care of my Mom. She had a meniscus repair and every person who she came in contact with was delightful, caring and professional. She has been raving about how great the experience was to anyone who will listen! Bless you all.

-Ann Rosone

Great care – lots of attention to details. Thank You!

-Jeanne DelVecchio

I send my thanks to everyone for taking excellent care of me during my surgical procedure. Your professionalism and kindness was exceptional. Thank you for making the day easier.

-Joe DeAngelo

The process you have at your surgery center is efficient. Did I have to wait, yes. That said, everyone was so friendly, understanding, listened well, and was detail-oriented. No one looks forward to having surgery, this experience has made me want to have my other knee done soon. A big thank you to everyone there. The entire experience was positive.

Thank you,

-Howard (Chip) Saunders

Donna is progressing very well with her knee surgery thanks to a group of very professional people. We were visited today by a therapist and a nurse, and will continue for 2 additional days. Terrific service to say the least. Medical treatment in the U.S. is certainly on solid ground.

-Bill Gerlach

As a perfectionist as well as being in either law enforcement or patient care between the two of us, I have never seen more qualified, efficient and caring people, with all having a great sense of humor to take your mind off any procedure. The entire staff, from greeting to discharge, is all people you want to hang out with – like family! We love you guys!

-Greg and Tiffany Gaffney

I just want to say that the staff was excellent – starting at the front desk, to all the doctors and nurses. They made me feel great and all of them were very nice. I couldn’t get any better attention than what I had. Very happy. Thank you all for taking care of me.

-Maria Soltura

This experience was so awesome I can’t believe it! The staff was very friendly and professional. The facility was clean and had a good feeling. So many times in Southwest Florida, I have felt that the Western medical experience was cold and uncaring, but not here! Good group of people!

-Michelle Brown

My experience could not have been any better. I usually tend to have “white coat syndrome” and yet my experience here was totally relaxed and comfortable. I am actually blown away at how easy and comfortable I have been. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

-Jane Schreiner

I thought all staff starting with the physicians were absolutely the best. I encountered knowledgeable, friendly and informative staff throughout my stay at Seaside Surgery Center. Words cannot express how the congeniality plus superior delivery of care makes such a difference in the patient experience.

-Carmela Zeiser

The staff was amazing! Went out of their way to make me feel at ease and comfortable. Very kind from nurse at check-in to nurse post-op. Best team of doctors and nurses I have ever experienced.

-Colleen Carofano

Staff was extremely professional and efficient. Everything went smoothly. This is a model of how an outpatient surgical unit should be set up and run.

-James Moriarty

The staff was amazing! The facility was clean and well equipped. I’m not the best patient and was very nervous. Within a very short period of time, I became calm because of the kindness and understanding of all involved in my care.

-Diane Miele

The surgery center was a first class experience in all aspects. As a physician, I noticed multiple features of the staff and facilities that might be overlooked by others.

-Fred Stockinger

All staff – front desk, RN’s, RN anesthetist, anesthesiologist, surgeon, were extremely understanding and accommodating – didn’t make me feel bad for my mistake. (I arrived an hour late for my appointment as the electricity was off in my home the night before.) Everyone was kind, courteous, and helpful. Wonderful atmosphere from beginning to end. Would recommend to anyone!

-Marsha Clarke

I have had many surgeries, both in hospitals and in private clinics. I was in comfort the whole time I was there. All staff was overly kind and professional. I had a good experience.

-Lisa Katz

Staff was friendly and professional – felt like a day at a spa instead of surgery! Very happy.

-Robert Zizzi

I had surgery last Friday, I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful experience I had at Seaside, from the front desk personnel to the nurses, doctors everyone was very helpful, happy to help, enthusiastic, team players and super professional. I will recommend Seaside to anyone who look for  5-star service.

-Yaydagni Corvo

Great place!!! Everything and everyone was perfect!!! So much nicer to be able to go home than staying in the hospital!!!

-Denise Porter-Berry

My husband had surgery at the center and we can’t say enough great things about the facility and the staff. Everyone from the front desk to all the nursing, anesthesiology and surgical staff were very friendly, caring, efficient, professional and knowledgeable. They also called this morning to check on him. We would highly recommend it to anyone having outpatient surgery.

-Terri Pouliot

I must commend everyone I met while my son was having surgery here. What a fantastic group of people from the nursing staff, anesthesiology personnel to the office staff and everyone in between. Each and every person I came in contact with were very professional while being kind and compassionate. I would highly recommend this surgical center to all.

-Jenn Prisco

I had anterior hip replacement as an outpatient at Seaside Surgery Center. Avoided all the potential side effects of a hospital stay, and was walking without a walker or cane in 4 days. Pain that nagged at me pre-surgery is long gone, and now at 6 weeks I am fully back to yoga, golf, biking and a full life of fitness and fun.

-Robert L.

King Charles Spaniels Cameo and Kipper welcomed Jill Ducatman home from surgery.

King Charles Spaniels Cameo and Kipper welcomed Jill Ducatman home from surgery.

“The best decision I have made this year was to have Dr. Zehr give me a total knee replacement and to have him do it at Seaside Surgery Center.  He is technically expert at this procedure, which is “not your grandma’s knee replacement.” He assured me that I’d have the same outcome that I’d had last summer on my other knee but said that the outpatient experience at Seaside would be much nicer than what I’d had at the hospital last summer.  He was so right!  The staff pampered me—reducing my anxiety and stress.  Before I knew it, I was asleep and when I awoke, I had zero pain.  The anesthesiologist had blocked my leg so I felt nothing for over 36 hours.  At that point, the pain medication kept me very comfortable.  It was just wonderful to come home at 2 pm—home to my own bed, my own bathroom, my own food on my own schedule, my own TV and my own sweet spaniels to comfort me!  I am convinced that my recovery was enhanced and shortened by my happy state of mind as an outpatient.  I cannot say enough about the quality of care and the care the nursing staff showed me on my surgery day.  Hospital nurses don’t have time to offer that level of care and concern to all their patients, but the Seaside nurses were on top of all my needs and wants.  I am a happy bionic woman!  Thanks Dr. Zehr and Seaside Surgery Center staff!”

– Jill Ducatman

“Our daughter and grandson waited with me. The staff was very accommodating; they gave us progress reports and really put me at ease. He’s not a spring chicken you know, many things could have gone wrong. This was much better than anything else!”

– Mrs. Courtney Eagleston (of her husband’s spinal surgery)

“We were pleased with all aspects of the services received – much better than going to the hospital!”

– Courtney Eagleston, Seaside’s first spinal surgery patient

Richard_Whale_hip_SSC_sm“I am thrilled with the results from the anterior approach full hip replacement.  At 3-5 weeks I have returned to biking and am easing back into the tennis court.  One can have the utmost confidence in Dr. Zehr and the capable, friendly staff at the Seaside Surgical Center.”

– Rich Whale, age 62

2019-03-08_Debbie_Mancini_“I hope this card finds you the great appreciation we have for the entire team at Seaside. I am at home in CT recovering. We can’t thank you enough for the care I received and truly managing my pain. Wishing all of you a happy and healthy 2016. Sincerely, your first repeat patient”

– Debbie Mancini

“I arrived at 6:30 on the day of surgery. Everyone was bright-eyed, so friendly and boisterous! It made me very relaxed and glad I had chosen Dr. Goldberg. From the minute I arrived until the minute I left, I was very impressed with everyone who works there. I couldn’t ask for better, friendlier service. So thank you very much for your wonderful service. BTW, I am doing really well. Still going to physical therapy and progressing better than expected! Thank you all!! Keep up the good work!” – Carol Pribble

“We were very impressed by the physicians and nursing staff who were most professional with wonderful attitudes toward their patients. It’s an excellent facility.” – John Wernette

“The nursing staff was exemplary.” – Linda E.

“What a fantastic staff!” – Roy G.

“I can honestly say both times I visited, pre-op and my surgery, I was very pleased with my experience. Each nurse and doctor I was with was very nice, comforting and informative to me. It is always hard to go through any experience of surgery but I feel Seaside Surgery Center did a very good job in helping me get through it. Thank you to all staff!” – Gloria Defalco

“It was the BEST! Great staff – everyone made you feel comfortable and happy to be there!” – Christine Perdzock

“It was a wonderful experience – nurses and staff were outstanding. They were very attentive and Dr. Goldberg was very caring as well.” – Mary Lisberti