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Outpatient Total Joint Replacement News from Seaside

Something exciting in the world of outpatient total joint replacement is always happening at Seaside! Catch up on the news in past issues of our newsletter, and don’t forget to sign up for future issues!

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Its almost like we saved the best for last! In our December 2017 issue we shared the story of legendary NFL special teams coach Mike Westhoff and how it was his new knee that enabled him to accept the invitation of the New Orleans Saints to finish out the season with them.

In our November 2017 issue we announced the acquisition of a very cool piece of equipment for a very hot procedure – radiofrequency ablation. Read all about it!

In our October 2017 issue we introduced our newest surgeon, Dr. Carmella Fernandez. She is an upper extremities surgeon, so we thought an article on cubital tunnel syndrome was appropriate!

Biceps tendon tears and repairs were the subject of our September 2017 newsletter.

Tempted to “pop” that dislocated shoulder back into place? In our August 2017 issue we tell you when you should…and shouldn’t!

Did you know that what you eat plays a major role in how you feel? That includes pain management! We give you some tips for eating to manage arthritis pain in out July 2017 issue.

Are you a tennis player? We’ve got some information on “Tennis Elbow” in our June 2017 issue.

We offered some great information on rotator cuff injuries in our May 2017 issue. Did you know that they are the most common source of shoulder pain in people over 40 years of age?

The April 2017 issue included links to a Naples Daily News article about our own Dr. Biggs and his involvement in the development of a revolutionary new hip implant!

In March 2017 we shared the exciting news about being featured in Outpatient Surgery Magazine!

The February 2017 issue took us back in time to Seaside’s Open House, and provided important information on Hammertoe from Seaside’s own Dr. Petrocelli.

We shared some exciting news about Seaside’s growth in our January 2017 newsletter, and gave you 3 strategies for relieving joint pain.

For 6 treatments to try before elbow surgery, read our December 2016 issue.

We celebrated our first anniversary in our November 2016 issue. We also shared some insight from Dr. Petrocelli on bunion surgery.

Exciting news in our October 2016 issue, as we shared how our own Dr. Goldberg invented and brought to market a new shoulder implant!

We showed off our new Arthrex Synergy UHD4™ imaging system in our September 2016 issue, and offered tips on how to protect your joints with proper warming up before exercise.

In our August 2016 issue we advised you on what to do when your joints heat up.

We got back to basics in our July 2016 issue with an explanation of arthroscopy. Oh! And we made the Today Show (sort of!)

Read about the first spinal surgery performed at Seaside in our June 2016 issue.

In our May 2016 issue we offered tips for the aging athlete.